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We are honored that you've invited the Mickey and Marie line from White Birch Hill to be a part of your special day knowing you'll receive beautiful, personalized favors worthy of your momentous occasion.

Alaina Pethick
Owner, White Birch Hill
and the Mickey and Marie line

When I first created White Birch Hill, I loved the creative outlet I had in designing my own beautiful handmade soaps. 

But many of my customers and followers began to request custom orders, especially individual favors for special events. 

It meant so much to me that they trusted me to create something unique and meaningful that would become a part of their loved one’s memorable life event. 

I decided to expand White Birch Hill with a line of high end soaps personalized to fit the details of each occasion.

And Mickey and Marie was born!

We continue White Birch Hill’s mission to provide a superior product made with the highest quality, organic when possible,  ingredients and a personalized attention to detail. 

We would love nothing more than to be a part of the milestone moments in your life!

Mickey and Marie is where you find all things designed for life’s most momentous occasions.

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